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Population: 1.379 billion (2016)


GDP per capita: 8,000 USD

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Lady era buy Carbon Emissions: 7.544 metric tons per capita

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Paris Climate Agreement: Ratified

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Number of MPS students: 19

After the United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, China stepped up to become a leader in the renewable energy movement. Though 30% of the worldai??i??s carbon emissions come from China, they have committed to reaching peak emissions by 2030. They also hope to be 20% dependent on renewable energy by peak emissions year. After 2030, they want to gradually reduce emissions so that the carbon emissions per capita are at 60% of the 2005 level or lower. Being a massive country, with both miles of shoreline and inland, China is affected by a variety of natural disasters and droughts. On average, 2,000 people die every year since 1990 due to natural disasters. The ferocity of these disasters is due to climate change, warming temperature, and rising sea levels.

The hartford convention proved to be the death advised of the federalist party, as their last presidential nomination was trounced by james monroe in 1816.