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Population: 51.25 million (2016)


GDP per capita: 28,000 USD

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Carbon Emissions: 11.85 metric tons per capita

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Paris Climate Agreement: Ratified

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Number of MPS students: 7

South Korea is among the worldai??i??s top 10 carbon emitters in the past couple of years. They are determine to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 37%  by 2030. In 2016, 6% of South Koreaai??i??s energy is renewable and 70% comes from coal and nuclear. Its economy is very dependent on importing oil. Almost 97% percent of oil is Korea is imported, however, the government is trying to replace oil with renewable energy.

The Korean peninsula often gets hit by earthquakes with high magnitude. In 2017, Pohang earthquake, magnitude 5.4 on the moment magnitude scale hit South Korea. Pohang earthquake is tied with 2016 Gyeongju earthquake as Koreaai??i??s strongest earthquake in modern history.

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