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Population: 23.55 million (2016)


GDP per capita: 32,000 USD

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Carbon Emissions: 11.73 metric tons per capita

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Paris Climate Agreement: Not signed

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Number of MPS students: 1

Taiwan is a state and is often considered to be a part of mainland China, therefore Taiwan has not been very active with their own agenda on the fight against climate change, choosing to adopt mainland Chinaai??i??s approaches to the issue. There is much debate over whether Taiwan is to be considered an independent nation or a state of the Peopleai??i??s Republic of China. They have neither signed nor ratified the Paris Climate Agreement. Since Taiwan is an island, they are prone to typhoons, earthquakes, flooding, landslides, and much more.

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Gel nails first appeared in the U.S. in the early 1980s,
but were met with limited success. At the time,
the manufacturers of gel lights and the gel itself had not joined forces,
not yet recognizing the need to precisely match the intensity of the light to the photoinitiators in the gel.
Nail techs and clients soon found out that Ai??using the wrong light or applying too much gel caused a burning sensation on the clientai??i??s fingertips.
Additionally, education on gel application was limited, leaving nail techs in the dark about the product, and home-use Ai??systems were introduced around the same time, damaging the reputation of salon-use systems by Ai??association.
By the end of the ai???80s, many companies had pulled their gel products from the market.