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Population:  323.1 million (2016)


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GDP per capita: 57,000 USD

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Carbon Emissions: 16.4 metric tons per capita

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Paris Climate Agreement: Withdrawn

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Number of MPS students: 259

In 2015 the Obama administration put the Clean Power Plan into place. This planned to reduce the 2005 carbon emissions levels by 30% by 2030. Though, in 2017, the Trump administration withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate agreement on June 1 2017 because President Trump stated that the restrictions of the agreement would cost the US 2.7 million jobs by 2020. The Trump administration also disbanded the federal advisory panel aimed at fighting climate change. In response, an alliance of mostly democratic states have banded together to continue Obamaai??i??s 2015 proposal, yet with only 36% of the US states committing, the predicted levels of carbon emissions will only be reduced by 19% from 2005 levels. The effects of climate change in the US can be seen in the natural disasters that occured in 2017. These include Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, droughts, flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, and hailstorms. Extreme weather events cost 306 billion dollars in total in 2017, setting the record for the most expensive year for natural disasters.

The above map shows the temperature rise across the US from the average between 1901 and 1960 until 2012.

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